Inflammatory Arthritis – A Treatable Form of Arthritis

Not all the arthritis types are incurable. Take for example inflammatory arthritis. This type of arthritis is one that can be treated naturally, sans any drugs or artificial props. Inflammatory arthritis can be diagnosed easily from its symptoms, i.e. swelling (inflammation), redness at the affected area and elevation of temperature. There is sometimes a slight disfiguration of the fingers.

What Causes Inflammatory Arthritis?

Inflammatory arthritis is usually the result of the body’s immune system identifying one joint as an outsider/ invader (because some toxins get accumulated inside the joints) and turns the body defense system against it. This is how the joint becomes red, swells and starts paining acutely.

In order to deflect the attack on the joint, the joint has to identify itself sufficiently to the body’s immune system, and also throw out the toxins which took shelter within its fold. The body can identify it once the toxins are dead. The next logical questions would be how to kill the toxins and how to detoxify the body. There are many ways to detoxify the body. In order to get the method that suits you best, you would need to consult with a doctor before launching into any type of diet or detoxification regime.

One very popular method (not everyone can successfully undergo this program; hence, take it up only when and if the doctor permits it) is the juice or water fast, coupled with colon cleansing with the help of the colon irrigation method. This usually takes place from about 3 weeks to 3 months.

There are many diets that can be followed as well. However, it is very important that you have the doctor’s supervision when you try anything as drastic as a juice or water diet. While the benefits from these processes are great, it is important that they are done properly and in a most disciplined manner. If mismanaged, the water and/or juice diet can imbalance the salt contents in the body, endangering your life.

Once the detoxification is successful, (to make sure) an ordinary antibiotics course would be prescribed to cure the inflammatory arthritis in no time. This is clearly a matter of “Its easy when you know how!”. Once the toxins have been removed, the body ceases to see the joint as the enemy and finishes its attack on it. The antibiotics ensure that there is no residue bacteria left inside the body.

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