Keeping Your Mind And Back Straight: Information On Back Pain

For the active adult, work, family and other activities can stress out your mind, not to mention your back. Being an essential body part for everyday living, it is important to keep updated with information on back pain that will keep you aware and informed of the facts and treatments to his common ailment.

Here is some information on back pain that may be useful to you:

Background: What Is The Back?

To start with information on back pain, you should know what causes it. Your back consists of smaller bones, (vertebrae) which connect together to make up the spine. In between the vertebrae are disks that cushion the vertebrae. Running along the spine are nerves, and back muscles, called tendons or ligaments, connect to the back as well.

What Causes Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by a number of factors; and is important information on back pain that you should know. If you strain a muscle in your back, it is usually “pulled” and may require simple painkillers and mild activity. If you injure a disk in your spine, it can be more serious and require operation and a recover period. Whatever the reason, back pain may be acute or chronic depending upon the extent of the injury and the damage caused and how well your body can heal.

Seeing Your Doctor

If you need to make a trip to the doctor, make certain that you choose a reputable physician who can properly diagnose and treat your pain, as well as provide information on back pain that will keep you healthy in the long run. If the injury is extensive, a physician will usually run a CT scan, or take x-rays to visually see the extent of the damage. They may prescribe strong painkillers, or say that you will need surgery to repair torn ligaments, or slipped disks. Make certain that you have medical insurance to cover any doctor visits, prescriptions or surgical procedures.


Most physicians, chiropractors, or any other health provider will encourage a healthy, active lifestyle as part of prevention of back injuries. The best information on back pain they can provide to you is to keep it from happening. Practice safety when you are at work, at the gym or even making a simple move. Learn the ergonomics of back movement, and be careful not to cause yourself unnecessary pain.

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