Searching Desperately For Low Back Pain Relief

Suffering with chronic back pain of any kind can be extremely draining and even debilitating for many unfortunate people. In fact, chronic back pain is the main reason that people visit the doctor in the United States. Pain can begin in different areas on the back, including the upper, middle and lower regions. Finding relief from low back pain specifically can prove to be a rather difficult task, as the pain in this area seems to become the most chronic type over time. Yet, there is hope in finding relief through a number of measures, both traditional and natural.

Traditional Approaches To Low Back Pain Relief

Those who experience low back pain relief often find that the relief is short-lived when using over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen and Tylenol. These types of drugs can put a damper on the pain for a short amount of time, yet they must be taken on a continual, round-the-clock basis in order to bring relief. When the pain passes the point of help from these treatments, many doctors prescribe pharmaceutical drugs, such as pain killers and muscle relaxers to help alleviate the symptoms. While these drugs often numb the pain, they many times make the person very drowsy and non-functioning, so the quality of life is disturbed as well.

Depending on whether the pain is muscular or due to a problem with the spinal column, doctors may suggest surgery as a last resort to help give low back pain relief. If there is a herniated or degenerated disk, then surgery is often recommended, yet if the pain is muscular in nature, surgery will not help the problem. Patients are often referred to a variety of specialists in order to further diagnose and treat the pain, even physical therapists who may help the person learn helpful exercises they can do to strengthen their back.

Natural And Alternative Remedies For Low Back Pain Relief

Many people make a visit to the chiropractorís office during times of back pain and find substantial relief this way. The chiropractor takes x-rays and helps to align the personís spine, even giving electro-massages as well. Yet, many people do not continue to visit the chiropractor because of financial reasons, as insurance coverage can be poor in this area. Herbal remedies are used to help with inflammation and pain such as ginger compresses for low back pain relief. Other anti-inflammatory supplements may bring good results, including omega-three oils such as fish oil and flax oil. Acupuncture and massage have also been known to be very helpful treatments in giving low back pain relief. With perseverance and patience, a helpful solution can often be found for this plaguing type of pain.

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