Causes Of Lower Back And Hip Pain

Lower back and hip pain can be caused by a variety of reasons. The most common causes can be strain through exercise such as running. This can happen because the person over exerts themselves while running and strains their hip or back. It can also occur for as simple a reason as the wrong type of footwear being used for exercise. Running shoes are an important item to consider as they should absorb a sufficient amount of shock caused by running whilst providing a sturdy foundation for the body. Prolonged running sessions wearing poor quality running shoes can cause unnecessary stress and strain to the hip and lower back which leads to a large amount of pain. Another reason for lower back and hip pain could be a difference in the length of the legs which usually increases as a person ages. It may not be noticeable but can cause an imbalance of the body and lead to strain on the joints of one side of the body in particular.

Other forms of exercise including dance in particular can also cause lower back and hip pain due to the flexibility needed and the amount of dance types that require hip twisting. Simply not warming up properly or over exertion in these areas can cause a lot of lower back and hip pain. Arthritis is another cause of lower back and hip pain because it affects the joints in particular, often making movement stiff and painful for the sufferer particularly in bad weather. Care must be taken in case it is an indication of a bigger problem. However, most of the causes of lower back and hip pain are generally pulled muscles and strains.

Prevention And Treatment Of Lower Back And Hip Pain

Lower back and hip pain has many causes and prevention is much better than the cure. Preventing this type of pain depends on the cause of the pain. Making sure that you warm up thoroughly before any kind of exercise should decrease the chances of injury in these areas. Muscles are like rubber and need to be warmed up in order to have proper flexibility. Failure to warm up can strain the muscles and cause unnecessary pain. Investment in a decent pair of running shoes should negate the effects of shock on the body causes by exercise like running. This can provide a lot of protection from injuries that cause lower back and hip pain.

Treatment of lower back and hip pain can generally be as simple as applying heat or ice packs to the painful area regularly for a day or so after the injury occurs. This is useful for pain caused by exercise in particular as it tends to soothe swollen muscles and joints. It can also be useful in aiding lower back and hip pain caused by arthritis. Simple stretching exercises can also provide relief by gradually strengthening the muscles in the affected areas. Physiotherapy may be useful for the types of injuries that are not sufficiently cured by the use of heat packs or stretching exercises. A more prolonged form of exercise therapy may be useful in order to get the muscles and joints back into the condition they were in before the injury occurred.

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