Relax Your Mind, Sprit And Back: Finding The Right Lower Back Pain Relief

Your back literally is what keeps you standing. There is nothing more debilitating then when your back goes out, and you cannot perform your normal, daily activities. If you happen to experience this, the best way to find lower back pain relief is to find something that works best for your body.

Here are some suggestions for lower back pain relief that you may find useful:

Facts On Your Back

One of the best ways to help find lower back pain relief is to understand your body’s anatomy. Your lower back is made up of lumbar vertebrae. Your vertebrae is very important in that is supports your body and protects the spinal cord and nerves that run along your vertebrae. Disks are located in between each vertebrae, and act as a cushion for the vertebrae. When you do any kind of physical activity, the disks absorb any shock that is acted upon your back.

Causes Of Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment for any one, at any age, and knowing what caused the pain will help to bring on lower back pain relief. When you use your body in a way that it is not used to (e.g., moving a heavy box, or beginning a new exercise), then you risk “pulling a muscle”. Pulling a muscle can mean straining the ligaments that connect the bones, or slipping a disk and causing the pressure to increase between each vertebrae.

Relief For The Pain

If you are suddenly experiencing pain, for instant lower back pain relief, lie down on your back, and lift your legs up on a chair. This will immediately take the pressure off of your back. Otherwise, painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen will help the pain, as well as heating pads. Place a heating pad for around 30 minutes a day, until the pain goes away. It is also a good idea to take it easy exercise wise. Do not do any strenuous exercise that will throw your back at even more. If you can, rest for a few days, but not more that, as it will cause muscle weakness.


The best and most practical way for lower back pain relief is prevention. Do not allow yourself to get into a situation where you can throw your back out. Be smart when lifting something heavy, or twisting in an unsafe way. Also exercise; stretch to keep your muscles flexible.

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