Neck And Back Pain And Their Causes

The spine is one of the most important parts of the body. It provides the support of the muscle and tissues and bones that make up the majority of our body. The spine leads up into the head and is the main support structure for the back therefore keeping it healthy is important. Spinal injuries can cause neck and back pains as well as a few others which we will discuss below:

Some Problems With The Spine: Neck And Back Pain

The correct support in a pillow is essential to ensure that we do not suffer from neck and back pain. This also goes for the mattress and bed that we sleep on. When we lie on our pillow at night if it is not firm enough or is too soft it will cause the head to lie in the wrong position which in turn will lead to neck and back pain in the morning when we wake up. This is because the muscles around these areas will have shifted in order to carrying on trying to support us and this is when we start to feel the pain. By having the correct support we are ensuring that our muscles continue to lie in their normal position and that no extra and unnecessary pressure is put on these areas.

Our bones have soft jelly like cushions in between them to prevent them from rubbing against one another. When these "cushions" are damaged or dislodged the rubbing of bone on bone causes pain and discomfort. These can also be dislodged slowly over time as small injuries that go unnoticed can cause weakness to the area that only makes it more prone to damage. With age neck and back pain will become more common as these "cushions" begin to give in to wear and tear.

The head is constantly turning and therefore it is quite easy to tear the muscles and tissues that form around the bones of the neck. This is also true for the back area as all of these body parts are connected by the spine. Neck and back pain go hand in hand because of this and therefore it is important to make sure that we take care of these areas of our body. These movements can also cause a pinched nerve which can be very painful and cause problems with feelings around the shoulders and arms.

Neck and back pain can also cause headaches and, as mentioned before with pinched nerves, can create problems with feelings in other parts of the body. As they cause pain they can also restrict your movements, particularly with bending or turning the head which can cause interruptions in your daily functions. When travelling it is important to keep your body correctly supported so that neck and back pain can be prevented. With all the gadgets that are available now this is quite easy - from blow up pillows to built-in support systems in the car chairs.

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