Low Blood Pressure Might Be Temporary

There is much concern about high blood pressure because this is a problem for a larger proportion of the population. Most people think that low blood pressure is desirable, but this is a problem at times. Usually low blood pressure means that the person is in good health but not always. Some people experience a drop in blood pressure, and this could signal a problem. Low blood pressure might be just a temporary condition but sometimes people experience consistently low blood pressure which could be a signal that there is a health problem. It could be the sign of a problem in the endocrine system, or this also could be a neurological problem.

Usually the discussion about blood pressure is centered around two numbers that show up on a blood pressure machine. The numbers are called diastolic and systolic. Most of the discussion about blood pressure centers around keeping the numbers below 140 and 90. Blood pressure above those numbers is considered to be high blood pressure. Most people concentrate on avoiding high blood pressure. Low blood pressure can be the sign of serious problems that are different from problems indicated by high blood pressure.

Low Blood Pressure Should Be Monitored By A Physician

The numbers on the blood pressure machine can show low blood pressure, but there are other signs of a drop in blood pressure. Low blood pressure could show that the person is in good condition, but these could also be the sign of a serious problem. If low blood pressure is accompanied by certain symptoms, a person could have a serious condition. Fainting, fatigue and dizziness could be a sign that the low blood pressure might the result of a serious problem. The problems with blood pressure could signal different conditions so close consultation with a physician is important. Specific information on symptoms and the frequency of problems could help so each person should try to provide this information for the doctor.

A drop in blood pressure could be the sign of heart problems. These problems could cause a fatal heart attack. Low numbers could also be the sign of a thyroid problem or diabetes. These conditions require careful monitoring and medication so each person should consult with their doctor to make sure these conditions do not worsen. Serious infections could also cause a drop in blood pressure. Parkinsonís disease could also cause a drop in blood pressure. An infection that adversely affects the blood pressure is usually very serious. Low numbers on the blood pressure scale could occur because of pregnancy or medications for other conditions.

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