Patients Finding Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

Unwilling or unable to take prescription drugs to reduce high blood pressure, many look for natural ways to lower blood pressure. There are some obvious methods that require not taking certain things without the need to look for herbs and spices to help, and depending on the severity of a personís high blood pressure, it is possible to lower it through natural means.

One of the first things most doctors tell a patient with high blood pressure is that smoking will only make it worse. Nicotine will constrict blood vessels, actually increasing the amount of pressure needed to make the blood flow. Eliminating nicotine is one of the natural ways to lower blood pressure as well as help the lungs work better, bringing more oxygen to the heart, adding another benefit to leave the nicotine alone.

Sodium is another compound that increases blood pressure and by not adding salt to prepared foods one of the best natural ways to lower blood pressure. Alcohol is another drug associated with high blood pressure and by eliminating or reducing alcohol consumption can work along with a lack of nicotine and reduced salt intake as natural ways to lower blood pressure without the need for prescription drugs or other natural compounds.

Changing Lifestyle Can Change Blood Pressure

Patients with borderline hypertension, blood pressure in the 120 to 130 systolic range and 80 to 90 in the diastolic reading will mostly benefit from a slight change in lifestyle. And while it may be tough at first to give up salt, fast foods and alcohol it will prove to be easier later if the blood pressure reaches high levels and natural ways to lower blood pressure will not work. At that time, prescription drugs may be the only option of heading off a heart attack or a stroke.

There are, of course natural products that can benefit people with high blood pressure and many of the natural ways to lower blood pressure have shown remarkable results in clinical trials. When choosing to take that route, be advised it is essential to keep watch on the blood pressure to insure it does not get out of hand.

For those patients with blood pressure so high as to be considered at risk, 200 over 100 for example, a trip to the doctor may be necessary and advised to make sure there are no underlying health issues causing extremely high readings.

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