Bad Cholesterol Can Cause Death Later In Life

Bad cholesterol is something that has gripped our fast food hamburger nation. We are on the brink of total disaster in terms of unhealthy eating. More children today are considered obese and this is a direct result to the eating habits taught to them at an early age. Bad cholesterol rates are rising amongst the youth of today and strangely we are seeing cases of coronary heart disease in people in their early 30's. This can only be because of the level of bad cholesterol in the types of food we are eating today.

There are basically two things you can do to prevent the build up of bad cholesterol in your body. One eat food low in bad cholesterol and high in vitamins and natural nutrients and two, exercise daily. So what types of food are good for lower cholesterol levels in the blood? Food's high in antioxidants and fiber are the types of foods you should be looking for. These include fruit and vegetables, oatmeal and many more of similar types. Foods to stay away from are those considered as being fatty. Basically most fast food restaurants cook their meals using an alarming amount of oil. Yes I know, it does taste great, but so do bananas, grapes and pears. Maybe next time you having a craving for a nice juicy hamburger, why not go down to the local fruit market instead and pick out a new exotic fruit that you have never tried before, you might be surprised!

If you are unsure about whether you have a high level of bad cholesterol in your blood then you should go down to your local GP and be tested. It only takes a couple of minutes and you never know, it might save your life!

If we as a nation are ever going to get out of our fast food, sugar loving mindset, we need to start with our children. There are many schools today who are putting in place new healthier menus in their canteens. Is there more that could be done though?

Perhaps the best way place to start is with the parents and guardians who are setting the example for their kids. There are many families out there who practically live off French fries and hamburgers. If we can get those families to reduce the number of times they visit a fast food restaurant by one time in a week, then we will go a long way to reduce the fast climbing rate of bad cholesterol in the people of our country.

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