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Guide To Foods That Cause Constipation

Constipation can be a very painful and frustrating disorder, which can interfere with your daily activities and routine. Constipation is caused by several factors in your life but mainly by your lifestyle, diet and exercise, which is if you take a minute and correct it on a daily basis you can overcome constipation without drugs and also prevent it from happening again.

Your Daily Diet And Constipation

You must have heard several times the phrase eat healthy and exercise from your parents, doctor and friends not to mention the newspapers, news and magazines that seem to be more health conscious everyday. The fact is that the foods you eat affect your digestive system directly and with it your health. Here are some foods that cause constipation and if you have them in moderate quantities and/or with vegetables and fruits high in fiber will not cause any discomfort.

Meats, cheese, dairy products, greasy foods high in fat such as, fries, pizza or other fast food snacks and pasta. Carbohydrates, starchy foods and saturated fat are hard to digest and therefore foods that contain it will also cause you constipation. You don’t need to avoid entirely foods that cause constipation but instead consume them in moderate quantities and/or with plenty of vegetables that will help with digesting it.

Getting Help With Foods That Cause Constipation

We all enjoy having pasta, pizza or most foods that cause constipation so in order to ensure that it will not do so ensure you also include one of more of the following items in order to keep your digestive system functional: broccoli, spinach, peas, cabbage, beans, whole grain bread and fruits such as prunes and apricots to name a few.

Drinking two quarts of water a day is another way to help digest foods that cause constipation as dehydration is yet another major cause of dehydration in people of all age groups.

Other Helpful Tips

To avoid being constipated always check the labels of the foods that you purchase from the supermarket especially if the are processed and you will be able to see the break down of the fiber content on each of them. As an adult you need to target anywhere from 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day or according to your doctor’s recommendation.

In addition to avoiding foods that cause constipation as much as possible, try and add exercise to your daily routine in order to keep the blood circulation pumped and the metabolism ready to digest the foods that are not always best for your body.

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