Why You Should Visit The Center For Excellence In Eye Care

The Center For Excellence In Eye Care is an eye care organization in Miami, Florida that is leading the way in research for improved techniques in lasik eye surgery to help correct your vision through the use of lasers. At the Center For Excellence In Eye Care they call it blade free eye surgery and they are rapidly becoming world known for their advancements in the field and the Center For Excellence In Eye Care is also not stopping at just lasers. At the Center For Excellence In Eye Care their staff of highly trained eye care professionals works hard every day to develop new blade free and painless ways to successfully correct vision problems.

If you are tired of using glasses just for reading then you may want to check out the Center For Excellence In Eye Care. At the Center For Excellence In Eye Care they use a process called NearVision CK to help reduce your dependency on glasses for low level nearsightedness or farsightedness and they can help you throw those reading glasses away forever. The procedure involves a probe the size of a human hair and the release of radio waves to help reduce the condition. The procedure is painless for the patient and the patient can resume regular activities usually within 2 or 3 days. It is not a surgical procedure and it is performed in a regular examination room. Just one of the many amazing things being done at the Center For Excellence In Eye Care.

Lasers Is Not All They Do

The center also helps patients with cataracts through a procedure they call AcrySof ReSTOR IOL. Essentially what this procedure does is reduce the need for bifocals or any type of vision correcting equipment to help older patients and patients with cataracts see at any distance clearly and comfortably. This is a fairly complicated process that involves three medical procedures that are once again painless to the patient and are reported to be extremely effective. If you have cataracts this may be what you are looking for.

For everything they do for all aspects of vision care the Center For Excellence In Eye Care is best known for their work in lasik eye surgery. Lasik surgery is a difficult and unpredictable process that can be controlled better with the complete use of lasers as opposed to only using lasers for part of the procedure. Through the use of a machine called the IntraLase FS laser the doctors at the center can better control the outcome of lasik surgery and help to create better results for their patients.

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