Sometimes Child Eye Care Is Easier Said Than Done

About 4 years ago my son was complaining that he was getting headaches at school and that he was having a hard time concentrating. Being the good parent I at first thought to blame the school for releasing toxins into the air that were inhibiting my childís education. After asking more questions he finally told me that when he would try to look at the board at the front of the room it was all blurry and giving him a headache. That was when I realized that it was not a school conspiracy but rather a cry for a need for child eye care. So off to the eye doctor we went.

After the appointment with the child eye care professional it was determined that indeed my boy needed glasses and this was devastating news to him. He was a pre-teen at the time and only nerds and geeks wore glasses. Actually I donít think they used those words anymore but basically it wasnít cool to wear glasses. So we did our best to get him the frames that made him look like a Hollywood actor and explained to him that his headaches would go away if he would just wear his glasses. He seemed to understand and when he got his glasses he took them to school for the first couple of weeks. We eventually found out that he never wore them and that he still complained of headaches. Child eye care is not as easy as it sounds.

Kids Just Donít Understand

It is easy to be frustrated with children and it gets even easier after you take them to a child eye care professional and you try to explain to the child that glasses will help them see better and feel better. No matter how convincing the child eye care professional may be the child still doesnít see the connection between glasses and better health and will usually refuse to wear them. Then there is the other side of the spectrum which is the child that wears their glasses all the time and usually requires a monthly visit to the child eye care professional because they are breaking their glasses all the time. Either way you cannot win so donít even try.

Being a parent is tough and competing with peer pressure is almost impossible. If your child does not want to wear glasses then you will have a difficult time forcing them too and aside from permanently mounting them on their face there is no way to guarantee they will wear their glasses at all times. It isnít easy but it is the love for our children that drives us to such dizzying levels of frustration.

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