Liberty Eye Care Can Make Four Eyes Better Than Two

You have probably heard the saying, “The eyes have it.” However, for those who decide to wear eyeglasses rather than contact lenses, we could also say, “The eyeglasses have it.” Choosing the right eyeglasses at Liberty Eye Care can complement your face’s best features.

The Basics

When selecting frames, such as at Liberty Eye Care, you should follow some basic guidelines. The eyeglasses’ weight and size should be proportional to the weight and size of your body. For instance, slimmer, more subtle frames will help to balance a small or slender physique. Next, your eyes ought to be centered in the frame’s lens openings, regardless of the frame’s overall shape. The top of the frame should run along the line of your brow, and should not be significantly higher or lower than that brow line. A darker or thicker frame can create a balance if you have eyebrows that are thicker than normal. In addition, the frame ought to be wide enough to provide a slim clearance between the sides of your head and the temples of the frame.

Face Shapes

Before selecting your frames, such as at Liberty Eye Care, you should determine which basic face shape you have. These include: diamond, inverted triangle, oblong, oval, round, square, and triangle. These steps will help you to establish which face shape you have:

1. Secure a passport-size photograph of yourself

2. In the photograph, draw six dots along the border of the face, including:

Two points on both sides of your forehead

Two points at your cheekbones, but near your eyes.

Two points at your jaw line, at your mouth’s level.

3. Evaluate the width of each couple of dots, to determine the shape of your face.

Frames For Faces

Certain fames are best suited for various shapes. For diamond-shaped faces, you should pick frames at Liberty Eye Care with a level top and curved bottom, square frames, or frames that are gently curved and are not wider than your cheekbones.

The ideal frames for those with an inverted triangle face include “bow tie,” rectangular, and aviator shapes; and those that slant outwards at the bottom.

If your face is oblong, the best options at Liberty Eye Care include geometric and round styles.

For those with oval faces, it is wise to choose a frame that is barely wider than the widest section of your face.

However, if your face is round, choose frames with hinges above the level of your eye, or wide and low rectangles.

For people with a square face, the best choices include frames that are slightly sharp, or those with oval shapes.

Lastly, if you have a triangle-shaped face and need to select a frame at Liberty Eye Care, consider frames that slant upwards and outwards at the upper corners, and those whose bottoms lack a rim. Square frames are ideal for men, while cat’s-eye frames are attractive for women.

After determining your eyeglasses’ prescription at Liberty Eye Care, the difficult task of selecting a frame is next. Following these aforementioned guidelines will let your frames imply, ‘Four eyes are better than two!”

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