The Best Total Eye Care

Taking care of our eyes is very important to most people. Being able to see the world clearly is an important part of our everyday lives. The best way to receive the best and total eye care that the eye care profession has to offer is to see an ophthalmologist. An ophthalmologist is the only eye care professional that can give an eye exam, prescribe glasses and contact lenses, as well as write prescriptions and perform eye surgeries and treat diseases.

Ophthalmologists may work by themselves and have a private practice or they may work with other doctors in a group practice. They might also work with hospitals or universities in teaching programs. Becoming an ophthalmologist is a good way to make sure others receive total eye care as well because there is always a need for ophthalmologists in the eye care profession.

How To Become An Ophthalmologist

In order to become an ophthalmologist and give total eye care treatment, a great deal of education is necessary. In fact, education needs to begin in high school. Math courses in algebra and geometry are required, as well as three science classes which include one physical science, a biology and one lab. U.S. History is required and so is English along with two foreign language classes. Remember, these are prerequisite classes to college and in order to give total eye care as an ophthalmologist you must start very early.

Once you get to college a bachelors degree must be obtained and then a four year medical degree from an accredited school of optometry. You would think that after all of this schooling you would be ready to become an ophthalmologist and give total eye care. This is not the case because an internship must be completed in medicine or surgery. After the internship has been completed, a three or four year ophthalmology residency must be completed before your become eligible to take the American Board of Ophthalmology exam.

If you decide to specialize in a certain treatment, a longer period of residency will be required to have your training completed. As an added incentive to becoming an ophthalmologist the starting salary is one hundred thousand dollars a year. And that is just starting out your practice. After you have become an established total eye care giver the sky is the limit on how much money you could potentially make. Once you have obtained the American Board of Ophthalmology certification you are free to begin practicing and giving people the total eye care that they need and deserve.

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