Finding The Right Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are a woman and you are over 35, you have probably heard about natural hormone replacement therapy, and you probably have some questions about it. There is a lot of conflicting information about natural hormone replacement therapy.

There was a day when you could go to a doctor, tell him or her your symptoms, and get a prescription for hormones to take care of your menopause symptoms. The doctor would tell you what to do. Those days are gone, and now we have to take responsibility for our own bodies. We have to decide what to do. There are lots of resources to help us, but menopause treatment is an individual choice and responsibility.

Traditional Medicine

Your doctor is still a good resource for information about menopause. She may not refill your prescription for premarin, but she can help you make lifestyle changes and can educate you about some of the choices for treating hot flashes and other symptoms. Some physicians will prescribe bioidentical hormones, a natural hormone replacement therapy that may be safer than synthetics.

Chinese Medicine And Herbalists

Long before physicians were prescribing hormones, herbalists and Chinese medical practitioners were treating the symptoms of menopause. Herbs are naturally growing plants that have medicinal qualities. Black cohosh and red clover have been used for centuries for treating the symptoms of menopause.

Naturopathic Physicians

Naturopathic physicians partner with you in finding the best treatments for your body. A naturopath will probably test your blood, urine or saliva to determine what your hormone levels are. He will educate you about menopause and about various treatments that you can choose. He may suggest lifestyle changes, dietary changes or supplements, or hormonal treatment. Many naturopaths recommend natural hormone replacement therapy with bioidentical hormones.

Your Girlfriends

Your girlfriends can be a wonderful source of information and support as you enter menopause. They share what they have learned and tried and what has worked, and so do you. Most women today are well-informed about menopause and are independent thinkers. Your girlfriends know what works.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy With Bioidentical Hormones

Your girlfriends and your health care provider may recommend natural hormone replacement with bioidentical hormones. Many women have found this to be an effective way to treat the hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause. By educating yourself and talking to other women, you can find the right natural hormone replacement therapy for you.

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