Female Impotence Is An All Encompassing Term That Deals With A Womanís Sexual Desire And Fulfillment Needs

Female impotence is something that can mean everything from difficulties in having sexual desire to the way a woman enjoys sex or how she is aroused sexually or even the inability to reach orgasm. Stress, as well as exhaustion, is a common cause for a woman to have reduced sexual desire, and enjoying sex may be affected due to a number of sex pain disorders that are themselves a result of other conditions.

May Be Due To Breast Cancer Or Gynecologic Disorders

Female impotence as manifested in the form of sexual dysfunction can occur because of breast cancer or gynecologic disorders. It is also like male impotence in that there is a lack of blood flow to the clitoris while having sexual intercourse. Other contributing factors to female impotence can include psychological factors such as sexual or physical abuse as well as conflicts about her sexual identity.

Female impotence needs to be and can be treated, and adequate care is required so that a physician can help her overcome the different causes of the condition. There may be both intrinsic as well as extrinsic reasons for female impotence that a physician would best be able to deal with. Sometimes, a woman fails to be sexually aroused due to experiencing pain during the sex act or because of some underlying disorder or because her partnerís technique of love making may be inadequate in some way.

Also, female impotence may be due to a womanís need that requires clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm and because she is unable to communicate this to her partner will only raise barriers that may lead to impotency in her. Besides the physical aspect, mental stimulation should also be strong enough to get her interested in sex, or else a decreased libido may translate itself into female impotence.

In most cases, when the basic reason for female impotence is identifiable, it should not pose any great problem in getting treatment, and counseling as well as consulting a doctor should suffice for both the woman, and sometimes, her partner. Female impotence is also reason enough why couples take drastic measures such as divorce or separation in order to get rid of the vexing problem.

Divorce and separation are not; however, the right answer to the problem of female impotence as couples can still enjoy a strong relationship even minus the sex act, and only requires openness as well as understanding to overcome such obstacles. Consulting a doctor and finding appropriate treatments for female impotence is a better course of action, and using medications targeting impotence as well as impotence injections may also prove to be quite helpful, and many are safe and effective.

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