Choosing The Right Impotence Aids

If you suffer from impotence, you will find there are a variety of impotence aids available to help you. The most obvious choices of impotence aids are the drugs that have hit the market in the last few years. Famous celebrity figures have brought these drugs to the forefront with their advertising campaigns geared at the senior market. A problem that used to be suffered in silence is now openly embraced by young and old alike.

Drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are all prescribed for the treatment of impotence. These drugs are used to dilate arteries which allow for greater blood flow in the pelvic region. Greater blood flow promotes an erection that will usually provide acceptable sexual activity. These drugs do come with a risk and should be discussed with your doctor before being taken. Certain drug interactions can cause an unhealthy drop in blood pressure along with the risk of blindness. These drugs are only recommended for men who are otherwise healthy.

There are many natural supplements which serve as impotence aids when taken daily. These supplements usually have to build up in the body and offer a safer, more natural solution to impotence.

Looking At Mechanical Impotence Aids

For some men the risks of taking impotence drugs are too high to chance. Certain health conditions require medications that pose an enormous threat when combined with impotence drugs. There are other options available to these men which can still help them maintain satisfactory sexual activity.

The penile pump is one impotence aid which is popular with men who cannot take the drug therapy. The pump is used to provide negative pressure to the penis by sealing the cylinder and making it air tight. When pumped, the negative pressure causes an increase in blood flow which is necessary to sustain an erection. An elastic ring is placed around the base of the penis to prevent the blood from flowing out of the pelvic area.

These pumps come with either manual or battery power. Your doctor can provide you with a prescription or there are some good quality pumps available on the Internet.

Another choice for impotence aids is the penile implant which requires a surgical procedure to install. Many men are hesitant to seek this avenue of treatment because of the invasive nature of surgery.

An inflatable prosthesis is surgically implanted inside the penis, which will allow an erection whenever there is the desire. The prosthesis is connected to a pump which will allow sexual activity without the use of drugs. This option is usually recommended only after other treatments have failed.

For men who have a medical condition which causes impotence, the implant can restore sexual function and self esteem. Studies show that maintaining sexual function is an important factor in menís health and psychological attitude.

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