Impotence Treatment Finding Your Best Option

If you find you are experiencing ongoing impotence problems it is probably time to pay a visit to your doctor. Impotence affects about 10% of men under the age of forty and about 25% of the men who are over the age of sixty. It is a problem that you need not feel embarrassed about discussing with your doctor. There are many different causes of impotence and there are also many different impotence treatments. You and your doctor can decide which treatment is the right one for you.

More and more men over the age of sixty are seeking impotence treatment. The last few years have seen impotence drugs emerge as a viable option for the treatment of impotence. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are all currently being prescribed by doctors to help men who suffer from impotence due to decreased blood flow. Viagra can be taken on a daily basis if needed or desired. Cialis and Levitra tend to have a longer lasting effect and can be effective for up to thirty-six hours.

These drugs will not cause an erection but they will help you achieve an erection when combined with sexual stimulation. These drugs work by dilating the arteries in the pelvic area, thus allowing an increase in blood flow to the area. Before taking these drugs for impotence treatment, it is important for you to discuss with your doctor what medications you are currently taking. Certain medications may cause an unhealthy drop in blood pressure when combined with these impotence treatment drugs. There are also other side effects that should be discussed with your doctor before you begin treatment.

Impotence Treatment Without Dangerous Risks

Many men who are taking certain medications may find that impotence drugs are not an option for them. There are natural supplements available that can be taken on a daily basis which might offer help. Horny goat weed, yohimbe, and maca are a few of the natural herbal remedies available.

You can also find a combination of supplements which are recommended for male sexual health. Because of their natural compounds, these supplements are usually safe to take on a daily basis. These supplements work differently from prescription drugs because they support healthy sexual function as a way of life instead of dilating arteries for only a few hours.

There are many Internet websites that explain the benefits of natural supplementation and what supplements are recommended. It is important for you to research more than one option before making a purchase. When you find an impotence treatment you feel you are comfortable with you can usually purchase it online or at your local health food store.

Online purchases are usually more discreet if you are not comfortable with purchasing the product in person. The important thing is for you to take some kind of action to help you maintain a normal life which includes optimal sexual health and satisfaction.

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