Lipitor And Impotence: Unfortunately, Side Effects Include Experiencing Erectile Dysfunction

There is a connection between lipitor and impotence that is not very positive and people that have or are taking this medication may have to face distress as well as other effects for which they may not have been prepared for in advance. Indeed, lipitor may not be ideally suited for a person, but may be prescribed by doctors along with cholesterol-lowering diets as well as with exercise to treat cholesterol related problems.

There are other harmful effects of lipitor, and impotence could be one of them, given the fact that medicines work on a person in different ways, and impotence seems to be a by-product. If you take lipitor, you will be filled with atorvastatin which, while lowering harmful LDL cholesterol, which is good in itself, it may cause impotency as a side effect as well.

A Close Relation Exists Between Lipitor And Impotence

You may discover that lipitor and impotence are closely bound, and having taken lipitor, within a short span of time you would experience possible erectile dysfunction. Lipitor has been found to be a cause of impotence and there is considerable ongoing investigation into lipitor and impotence which indicates a relationship between statin drugs and obtaining a full erection.

No doubt, there may not have been enough media coverage as well as health reporting regarding lipitor and impotence, but this may be attributed to embarrassment felt by patients who will not wish to report such a problem. Being a sensitive topic and given the fact that lipitor and impotence are closely related, patients often prefer not to report the problem and thus there is less information available on the subject.

If you are concerned about your having taken lipitor and it causing impotence, it is advisable to discuss the matter with your doctor especially when you feel loss of sensation or other difficulties related to your sexual needs. Early investigation will surely be of help to both the doctor as well as for the patient.

Since there are other medications available, lipitor and impotence can be warded off by taking natural substances to cure cholesterol related problems which will benefit the body and also not cause sexual dysfunctions. A good way of getting around the problem of lipitor and impotence is to identify the cause of the impotence consequent to taking lipitor and reversing the process.

In any case, taking lipitor is fraught with a certain degree of danger to the health of the patient and the need to look for alternative medications is very necessary. Taking lipitor should also be accompanied by Coenzyme Q10 which will act as a protection.

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