Mental Impotence Is Often Caused By Stress And May Involve Being Overly Conscious And Lacking In Focus

One of the best antidotes for mental impotence is allowing the conscious mind to fall silent. Sometimes, the need to win is a cause for the conscious mind to become overactive, and often a person with mental impotence thinks too much about his sexual performance capabilities.

It has been realized from ancient times that it is not possible to stop thinking by thinking even more about stopping the problem, whatever it may be. The two sides of the coin are mental impotence and peak performance in which the mindset of a person determines which of the two sides takes predominance. Mental impotence will make the mind overly overconscious or even lack in focus.

Viagra Will Help But Not Do Away With The Problem

Trying to figure out mental impotence is indeed a tall ask and it is fraught with many obstacles. Taking Viagra will certainly make a radical difference in treating impotence, but it is not a means to overcome the problem. Patients of mental impotence often have unrealistic expectations about how they would perform once they get over the problem – both the physical and emotional ones.

Having an erection as well as sex is seen to be a sign of masculinity amongst males, and any shortfall in the physical or psychological make-up of the patient will result in mental impotence. It is a problem that every male will have experienced at some point of time or the other in his life. And, failure to achieve erection is something that can certainly cause problems in the psyche of even the toughest male.

Having anxiety attached to some past episode of impotence will multiply the anxiety, which in turn, will prevent a man from becoming aroused and thus not be able to have and maintain his erection. Other factors that stand in the way of a male’s sexual performance capabilities include stress levels that may be a result of their job, family or financial condition.

Mental impotence may lead the male into taking a little blue pill named Viagra or other similar drug to get relief from the self-doubt as well as mental stress. The end objective of such an exercise is certainly to regain vitality and sexual function; thus, it becomes imperative that he realizes the difference in his feelings from before taking the treatment to that of after having begun treatment. This would enable him to objectively view the negative aspects, and weigh them against the positives from having taken the treatment.

Some common reasons for a person to have mental impotence include one partner wanting sex more often than the other, dissatisfaction or less pleasure in sex life, one partner feeling that he or she has given more than they got in return, and when there is guilt or fear or anxiety about the sexual act.

Mental impotence can be overcome by being able to view the new life and attendant sexual function as a new beginning and trying to forget what it was like before the treatment began.

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