New Impotence Drugs Named Levitra And Upima

There are a number of new impotence drugs hitting the market in the USA as well as in Europe, and urologists are being crowded with patients demanding the best of these. One such new impotence drug is Levitra, which is being seen as an alternative to Viagra, hitherto the most sought after impotence drug available on the market. Levitra is an orange pill that men hope will help them overcome their impotence problems.

The Hot Selling Blockbuster Levitra

However, there are many that doubt the efficacy of Levitra knowing that Viagra has not solved their problem. Nevertheless, more and more men are seeking out new impotence drugs such as Levitra as an alternative to Viagra. Even so, these two new impotence drugs have enzyme blocking capabilities and are pretty similar in how they treat erectile dysfunction; but, Levitra is turning out to be something of a blockbuster in the US after it got approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It has since outsold all other new impotence drugs.

This new impotence drug has some racy advertising that is used to market it which includes showing imposing males being joined by a beautiful woman when he has successfully thrown a football through a tire hanging from a tree. Even then, and in spite of heavy publicity that accompanies many a new impotency drug including Levitra, there is no guarantee that it will help cure the erectile dysfunction in male users.

New impotence drugs are most often required by males that are in the forty to seventy age groups who are common victims of erectile dysfunction. In addition, the vast majority of men that have impotency problems are unable to get help, and this could be due to the fact that they are too embarrassed by their condition, or because they do not have information about new impotence drugs.

Another new impotence drug that should be getting the approval of the Food and Drug Administration is called Uprima, which is a product of TAP Pharmaceuticals. It could join the already approved Viagra, which is a Pfizer product. Uprima works on males with erectile dysfunction by stimulating dopamine, a brain chemical, to be produced, but it does have side effects of which the two most serious instances are nausea as well as hypertension. And, it may also result in very low blood pressure that can cause a person to faint.

Nevertheless, Uprima does not act in a manner similar to Viagra and is also a faster acting new impotence drug that can be taken orally so that the drug enters the blood stream a lot sooner giving results in fifteen to twenty minutes as compared to sixty minutes for Viagra.

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