Teenage Impotence Can Come About Due To Steroid Abuse And Hormonal And Testosterone Imbalances

Steroid use can create havoc with teenagers and may be the reason for teenage impotence. Given that there is much media coverage of the use of steroids by athletes it is little wonder that teenagers become influenced and jump on the steroid bandwagon unquestioningly. Used without properly being educated about the dangers of steroid use, teenagers can find themselves at the receiving end of much irreparable damage and even fatalities.

Stress And Psychological Problems Could Cause Such A Condition

Teenage impotence is most often caused by stress or psychological problems. The problem is indeed serious as everywhere one turns one is confronted with the term teenage impotence. With drugs such as Viagra, the problem of teenage impotence may be treated, but the immensity of the problem is clearly uppermost on many a teenager’s mind.

Factors like too much toxification, pollution as well as chemicals and hormones are playing a greater role in turning teenage impotence into an area that deserves more attention. Teenagers may need to seek help and treatment even if the problem appears to be mild or occasional with regard to their sexual performance. Though teenage impotence would normally mean erectile dysfunction amongst the youth; it may also refer to their dissatisfaction with the hardness of their organ or the angle of erection or partial erection or brief erection and even lessened libido.

Teenage impotence may be indicative of hormones gone out of control, and is a condition that requires to be treated immediately. Possible causes would include malfunctions in the body and may requires testing for testosterone, Prolactin, thyroid, sugar, blood count and blood pressure to see whether all is in order or not.

Teenage impotence may also require checking the liver and kidneys as well as Oestrogen while other possible causes of teenage impotence could be leakages as well as non-functioning nerves. Improving the testosterone levels could help a teenager recover his or her sex drive and abilities. However, the testosterone as well as hormone replacement is a gray area that requires further study before adequate knowledge will have been gained to produce proper treatment for teenage impotence as well as other forms of impotence.

The treatment of teenage impotence has mushroomed into a big business and there is extensive research being conducted on the topic by pharmaceutical companies in order to capture a major share of the estimated US$2.5 billion dollar market of which the U.S alone accounts for one billion dollars.

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