Early Menopause Symptoms are Much the Same as Those of Normal Menopause

Normally, one associates menopause with older women and rarely think of it occurring in early years. There is nothing to suggest that menopause is related only to elderly women. A surprising aspect to menopause is that early menopause occurs more often than most women realize, and affects approximately one percent of women aged between fifteen and forty-five. The reasons why early menopause occurs could be many, but it will ultimately leave its imprint on the lives of each and every woman that it affects.

Early Menopause or Premature Menopause?

Many people may confuse early menopause with premature menopause though the two are completely different. The terms depend on the age of the woman affected. For menopause that occurs before a woman has reached the age of forty-five, it may be called early menopause, while if it were to occur before the age of forty, it may be termed as premature menopause.

With doctors starting to recognize the symptoms of early menopause in younger women, there is an increasing number of women being diagnosed with early or premature menopause. This has benefited women in their youth who experience infertility, as it means that they need to worry less.

Some of the physical signs that are associated with early menopause symptoms include irregular periods, infertility, hot flashes and night sweats, bladder control problems, palpitations, and weight gain, to name but a few. Early menopause symptoms can be seen in different emotional signals such as irritability, mood swings, lowered libido, anxiety, memory loss, extreme fatigue, confusion, feeling emotionally detached, and brain fog.

There are certain early menopause symptoms and these are more or less the same as those for natural menopause, and they include hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, headaches, as well as joint and muscle pain. It is also common for body shape to change that will result in putting on extra weight in the abdominal region. It is also a common early menopause symptom for affected women to have trouble with water retention and, it goes hand in hand with menopause.

Early menopause symptoms are often associated with more severe instances than menopause that occurs in women aged above forty-five. Also, early menopause symptoms may often be a result of illness, surgery or genetic issues, and this causes a quick decline in the amount of estrogen in the body, also known as an “Estrogen Crash.” It is a sad but true fact that no menopause cures exist, but menopause treatment has improved in leaps and bounds, giving more hope to women.

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