Male Menopause Symptoms Show Changes in Testosterone Levels

Most people associate menopause with women, but there is evidence that there is such a condition known as male menopause. Menopause is a condition that all women experience if they live long enough for this transitional condition to occur. This marks the end of a womanís reproductive capabilities. After this change takes place in a womanís body, the reproductive system does not function as it did before. The hormonal changes that take place in a womanís body produce some undesirable symptoms for women in different degrees. Many women experience hot flashes, sleep disturbances and depression because of these hormonal changes.

Most people do not readily think that there is a male menopause, but this condition does exist. Women have symptoms of menopause, and there are male menopause symptoms as well. These symptoms can appear in men as they age, and the male menopause symptoms are not so familiar to the public. The male menopause symptoms include a tendency to forget things. Menopause comes with age so often people believe that this symptom is a sign of aging, but this could be a male menopause symptom. Another male menopause symptom could be a general lethargy which could also be mistaken as only a sign of aging. The male menopause symptoms are largely due to the testosterone levels in a manís body.

All Men Do Not Experience Male Menopause Symptoms

Male menopause symptoms occur in middle age in men just like they appear in women. All women eventually go through menopause, but this is not necessarily the case in men. The men who do experience male menopause symptoms experience changing hormonal levels like their female counterparts. When men display the signs of aging or changing hormonal levels, people tend to dismiss these signs as a midlife crisis if they buy a fancy car at the same time. Researchers have not determined why some men display male menopause symptoms and others do not. Middle age men should be careful about checking with their physicians on a regular basis.

Male hormones drop gradually from their peak in young men in their late teens or early twenties. Men might experience a significant drop in their testosterone levels by the time they are forty or fifty. When women go through menopause, they lose their reproductive capabilities. This is not true in men for most never lose their fertility until they die. There are numerous examples of men producing children even in their eighties. Male menopause symptoms can include hot flashes, depression and night sweats just like those of their female counterparts.

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