Early signs of skin cancer: Skin Color Begins To Change

Among the most common early signs of skin cancer is when you notice a change in the color of your skin, and more especially when you notice a new growth or when there is a sore that refuses to heal. However, there no doubts that the early signs of skin cancer may not all look the same and it is not unusual to see the cancer begin as a lump that is small as well as smooth and shiny and which is also pale and even waxy. Other times, it could be firm as well as red and lumpy and there could even are instances when it turns into a red spot or there may be bleeding or crustiness and even scaly.

Suspicion Or Reality?

However, you do need to realize the need of being able to distinguish between what are early signs of skin cancer and what is merely a suspicion that a spot is something worse than it really is. You may want to consider seeing your doctor in this regard because they are specially trained to detect early signs of skin cancer using what is known as ABCD or Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variation, and Diameter more than six millimeters in size and an E is also being thought to be added which would stand for Evolving. After studying various patients, it was found out that as many as eighty-eight patients noticed that after detecting early signs of skin cancer, their condition actually evolved further before being removed and enlargement was the biggest of the early signs of skin cancer.

Some people believe that they can avoid skin cancer by using sunscreens or through slathering though this not quite the truth of the matter because though the sales and use of sunscreens has skyrocketed in the past, so too has the incidence of skin cancer. In fact, some experts even go so far as to ascribe the increasing incidence of skin cancer to use of sunscreens, though it must be said that by consuming a lot of fish you can bring down the risk of contracting skin cancer. On the other hand, consuming alcohol can help cause skin cancer.

Thus, if you notice any of the following early signs of skin cancer, you should get it diagnosed as early as possible and among these signs are skin sores that donít heal, bumps or nodules in your skin that start to enlarge, changes in size, texture as well as color of existing moles.

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