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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Life Can Depend On Stress Management Skill

There is little debate among medical professionals about the affects of stress on a person's physical and emotional well-being. When under stress the body makes several hormonal adjustments to compensate for a perceived condition that may not even be present. Development of a stress management skill can help you work through periods of stress without the fear of illness.

One stress management skill that some happy couple uses is quite simple. One couple reports having no arguments in a number of years, based on a simple philosophy that if it will not matter tomorrow, there is no reason to argue about it today. Additionally, instead of arguing over something that may matter tomorrow, they are more inclined to sit and talk through the problem, so it is solved before tomorrow gets there.

This simple theory not prevents argument; it prevents stress from building up prior to any discussion. It is a little more detailed version of the older stress management skill, of never going to bed mad or do not sweat the small stuff. If used completely, it can be a great stress management skill to prevent stress from causing health issues and even divorce.

Know Where Stress Originates

The only way a person can successfully work through stress, is not ignoring it as it will not go away. Understanding the real source of the stress and eliminating the source, will serve as a better deterrent to stress than trying to ignore stress. Many people hate to hear someone proclaim that there is nothing can be done to affect the outcome of a situation as they would rather attempt to stop their car with their bare feet. It takes a good stress management skill to recognize when something is not worth losing sleep over.

Which stress management skill a person determines to work for them is irrelevant as not all techniques will work for everyone, but quiet meditation and finding a hobby that takes their mind of everyday life and can be a step in the right direction. Being able to block the negative thoughts emanating from your thoughts is a big first step in developing a stress management skill that keep you focused on the positive.

A professional golfer once related that to him stress was being on a green, shooting for a par from 30-feet away. The bet is two dollars and he had 50 cents in his pocket. Instead of focusing on the two dollars he focused on the putt. He made it.