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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Living Your Passion

We all begin thinking about what we're going to be when we grow up at a very early age. As we grow and learn more about ourselves and life, those career ideas change and grow.

As we experience new relationships, hobbies and events in our lives, we develop interests and ultimately we become passionate about some of them. It's these passions that make the stressors of life dissipate.

What may have been a passion in our twenties may very well change in our forties or fifties or beyond. We may find that the career we chose in college no longer satisfies our needs, once our basic needs have been met.

While once our passion was making enough money to pay the bills, our passion in our fifties may become a desire to help others. As we've developed personal skills, we may find that we are gifted in public speaking; what could be better than talking about your passion and making money at the same time?

Unfortunately, many people fail to live a life filled with passion. Fearful of rejection or of success keeps many people from pursuing their dreams; many people simply don't have enough faith in themselves to reach for the stars.

What makes you happy? Do you have a hobby that you just can't get enough of? Take the step of writing down any way that you could make money at doing your favorite thing and try it in your spare time. You might find a new career doing exactly what you are passionate about!